About Liara

A Passionate Life Coaching Professional

Liara is a holistic life coach, breathwork psychotherapist, and speaker who invites those who are ready to listen differently. Through workshops, group and individual sessions, she empowers you to make the unconscious, conscious so you feel greater balance, acceptance wellness and vitality.   She is committed to guiding you to live in integrity with the Soul so you live more consciously. 

Early in life, Liara faced great adversity. Encountering and reframing challenges created a path to authenticity. She is author of 12 books and over 5000 articles. He coming 13th book is the Authenticity Formula. Through mindfulness, dreamwork and unique approaches, she invites you to shake up your reality and create your own breakthroughs.

Although Liara has travelled widely and held diverse professional roles in varied countries, it was by losing and also letting go what she valued that led to her shifts in perception and growth.  She now teaches others to breathe more consciously and develop a more holistic view of life.

 Different perspectives (versions) of reality exist. Her role is to guide you to recognize your own thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and let go of what you outgrow as part of your unique process to create and live a more authentic life.


P.O. Box 1521 

Buderim 4556

Queensland, AUSTRALIA




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